Get to know us better

Lang’s Gourmet is well-loved by anyone who loves to transform their meal into a creation. With a range of over 30 products, and owner/managers Kathryn & Mark Lang let us in on the secrets behind the range.

What makes us so good...

We make everything by hand!
We use only fresh ingredients and source from local farmers!
We cook every day and you can taste the freshness in our products!
With our products every dish can be made delicious!
We are an affordable specialty product!
We offer a retail range, and Food Service range and now a mini gift pack range which is really cute!
We co-package & contract manufacture for many larger brand and well know labels. 


Check out the interview with Langs Gourmet founders below.

What products does Lang’s Gourmet offer?

LANG’S GOURMET: Lang’s Gourmet produces a range of 30 totally delicious gourmet dressings, sauces, jams, chutneys and condiments. Everything is made with Australian, all-natural ingredients (no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives), and is also gluten and dairy free.

Distinctive features of Lang’s Gourmet products are:

· Modern Australian flavours, like mango, pineapple, rum, ginger and lemon myrtle feature in many of the products

· Packaged beautifully, with a modern new look they appeal to the home entertainer or gourmet chef and are ideal for the gourmet gift market.

· 100% Australian owned and made and proudly supporting regional businesses. Located in Brisbane, QLD.

· Gluten free.

· Made with all-natural ingredients, no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

· All products are hand made in a HACCP food safety approved commercial kitchen.

· Renowned for classic old-fashioned flavours with unique modern twists. Our recipes are over thirty years old and are tried and tested.

Is everything made by your company?

LANG’S GOURMET: Of course! All products are cooked by our team to our strict specifications in our brand-new commercial kitchen. We personally source the produce, prepare the fruit, vegetables and herbs, cook, pour, label and hand pack every jar!

Do you use local ingredients?

LANG’S GOURMET: Yes.. that is our promise. We are proud to have our berries come from a grower in NSW, our Macadamia nuts & Ginger from the Sunshine Coast in QLD, our tea from the Atherton tablelands and our Rosella grown for us right here in QLD. All our beautiful products come from family farms all over Australia.

What makes your products different to others?

LANG’S GOURMET: Our love of quality ingredients is where it starts, but our care in producing by hand every jar with love. We are different because our products are unique and are full of delicious flavours.

Are they only for home cooks or do you supply to other businesses as well?

LANG’S GOURMET: We supply to home cooks, cafes, schools, burger chains (that tomato salsa! YUM!) fruit + vege shops, gourmet deli’s, airports and commercial food companies (who rebottle our delicious products in their packaging)! We also do contract manufacturing and produce for some of our own competitors.

What can you tell us about your amazing Mango Ginger Chutney?

LANG’S GOURMET: This is our favourite! It is the best on everything! We use it on cheese platters, Indian dinners, sandwiches, and even drizzled over grilled chicken or fish. It’s just so versatile.

Are gift companies including Lang’s Gourmet in their hampers?

LANG’S GOURMET: So many companies use our products for hampers for birthday, staff awards, and event celebrations. Our products and labels are modern, clean and look great in a hamper.

What role do your products play in home kitchens?

LANG’S GOURMET: With our products in your pantry the possibilities are endless. A lot of flavour can be added without a lot of effort. You can get that home cooked flavour and taste from our bottles and jars of dressings and condiments and not slaving over a stove for hours to create them yourself.

What would you say is the most heart-warming feedback you’ve received from customers?

LANG’S GOURMET: So many! Each year we attend many events and brand exposing shows. Each time we come across a lovely story about how someone has used our products. Our most popular products for the older generation are always our Classic Rosella Jam and our Pineapple Rum Jam. It is some lovely to see people follow us about from event to event and we love when each time we get a web order we see the same name time and time again buying their favourite item. We even have a lady who every month sends our Ginger Tea to her mum in London.

This is why we do what we do xoxox